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Published: 07/24/2011

by Avery Weigh-Tronix


Fairmont, MN–April 9, 2001–Weigh-Tronix, Inc. has introduced Piece Weight Look-Up (PWLU) software. Designed for Windows® 95/NT-based personal computers, the
PWLU application provides the most accurate, updated inventory counts by linking a part number/piece weight database to as many as 32 networked Weigh-Tronix Model PC-820 digital counting scales.

The PWLU software allows scale operators to remotely receive and issue parts from any networked PC-820, while keeping the entire inventory on one shared personal computer. The application provides scale entry/modification of part numbers, on-line reporting functions, and easy time and date setup. Up to 32 Model PC-820 counting scales can be linked to the computer via easily installed RocketPort® cards, or remotely via RF transmitter/receivers for wireless communication.

A single screen displays on-line/off-line status of scales, active part numbers being searched, and part number/transaction database details. Extensive features of the software include report generation, backup, import/export, password protection and a setup menu.

The standard software configuration in the PC-820 supports: part number, description, piece weight, tare weight and count. Other fields supported by the PWLU application can be field programmed to offer advanced data handling including additional description fields and weighing unit options, ordering and customer data, time coding and user-definable fields.

The PWLU editing screen lets administrators edit/update part information, as well as easily download and upload current databases to and from other programs. Powerful reporting features let users sort, view and print reports by part number or transaction, with complete flexibility to report detail.

"Weigh-Tronix PWLU software, together with the advanced 100% digital technology of PC-820 Counting Scales, now offers unprecedented counting precision, access to virtually unlimited part numbers and piece data, and the fastest, most accurate centralized inventory information on demand," said Tim Peterson, Product Manager. "With the largest distributor network in the industry, this system can be applied very successfully to meet the management demands of any sized inventory."

Weigh-Tronix, is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of innovative precision electronic weighing devices and control systems. For further information, contact: Weigh-Tronix, Inc., 1000 Armstrong Drive, Fairmont, MN 56031. Phone: 507-238-4461. Fax: 507-238-4195. www.wtxweb.com email: industrial@wtxweb.com