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New Scale Indicator Provides Accurate and Reliable Batching Data for Dairy Operations


Published: 07/24/2011

by Avery Weigh-Tronix


Fairmont, MN–August 16, 2001–Weigh-Tronix, inc. has introduced the 2015 IndicatorÑa powerful electronic batching indicator designed to interface with the "Feed Supervisor" software application (created by K.S. Dairy Consulting, Inc.) for improved management of TMR (total mix ration) feeding programs from start to finish. The 2015 helps operators produce accurate batches to maintain consistent pen feedings. Feed Supervisor software provides a simple, convenient means of analyzing scale data, enabling managers to identify and define the actual feed-related costs of their dairy.

Weigh-Tronix and K.S. Dairy Consulting, Inc. cooperated with one another to create an effective management tool for dairy producers. Combined with wireless RF communication between the 2015 and Feed Supervisor Software, the package enables users to maximize precise control of inventory, ration information, operator performance, pen feedings, data analysis, dry matter intakes, report generation, and clean-up evaluation.

The 2015 features the industry's most accurate and reliable scale electronics and an industrial-grade display with large, easy-to-read digits that make mixing easier for the operator. Other features include a large memory for storage of completed batch records, and two RS-232 ports for interface to a computer and remote display. The indicatorÕs five function keys are labeled by the graphic display to simplify the process for TMR operators. Loading and unloading instructions are spelled out on the display, allowing operators to process and deliver feed with confidence.

The 2015 is simple to set up and use. Configuration and calibration adjustments are conveniently performed via the front panel. And, the operator is guided through the use of every function by easy-to-follow screen prompts. Flexible programming allows users to program in percent of recipe, pounds-per-ingredient, or pounds-per-animal, and have the ingredient amounts be adjusted automatically according to batch size. The indicator signals the operator when a loading or unloading process approaches the target amount.

Enclosed by a rugged polycarbonate case, the 2015 is impact, dust, and water-resistant; and operates reliably in temperatures from -20¡F to +140¡F (-29¡C to +60¡C). Optional remote displays are available; the RD712XL remote display has 2" digits, plus wireless zero or ingredient advance, and the RD1012M remote display mounts easily on a side-view mirror.

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