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Increased Efficiency Out-of-the-Box


Published: 07/12/2011

by Avery Weigh-Tronix


Ray’s Auto Salvage, in operation now for 35 years, buys and processes scrap metal for recycling and reuse. After deciding to install a used truck scale to determine the weight—and therefore cost—of the metals purchased, co-owner Laura Yesul and her associates asked Advance Scale, headquartered in Lindenwold, New Jersey, for a state of the art weight indicator.

Joe Carr, service manager at Advance Scale, recommended the Evolution E1110 indicator by Avery Weigh-Tronix, used in

conjunction with the XR Series Remote Display, to control traffic at the scale. Since putting the system to use last October, Ray’s has found ample opportunity to corner its market in Dennisville, New Jersey—and the surrounding county.

The E1110 is a multi-application configurable weight indicator and process controller. It simplifies the weighing process by offering a cost-effective, accurate, no-modifications-needed solution. The XR Series Remote Display provides large, bright LED digits for easy viewing of scale information indoors or outdoors, even in direct sunlight. With these quality products by Avery Weigh-Tronix, customers can quickly and easily determine the weight of loads being transported.

“The E1110 controls the XR Series Remote Display built-in red/ green traffic light with no extra modifications or labor costs,” Carr said. “It’s an easy, out-of-the-box solution. The E1110 makes daily processing of weights more efficient while still offering a more reasonable cost than its competitors.”

Chris Santarpio, general manager at Advance Scale, agreed that the E1110 indicator was an ideal choice for controlling the traffic at Ray’s Auto Salvage.

“We suggested the E1110 because it has relays already built into the product,” Santarpio said. “For a programmable indicator, it was the best choice for price, time to set up and ease of use for the customer.”

The E1110 is a cost-effective solution offering built-in applications and flexibility without requiring custom software for operation. It stores up to ten recipes, each with up to 50 programmable steps, and it indicates when target weights are within taught limits with a flashing Target light. The indicator also offers an alarm mode with 20 independent cutoffs and records both total weight and the weight of each individual product in a package.

Out-of-the-box, the standard E1110 features dual RS232 serial ports to enable a connection to printers, laptops, or in the case

of Ray’s Auto Salvage, remote displays such as the XR Series by Avery Weigh-Tronix. An Ethernet port is also included, along with three relay outputs and three logic level inputs (expandable to 8 I/O utilizing the optional TIU8) for localized process control. In addition, the E1110 is available with an optional Fieldbus cards for all the common industrial networks.

The E1110 supports up to 12 x 350 ohm loadcells, expandable to 16 using the optional Analog card. It can also be configured for dual scale operation, saving the cost of having to purchase a second indicator.

The indicator also offers a wide variety of specialized weighing applications. Along with general weighing applications, the E1110 offers checkweighing, counting, in-motion weighing, peak weight capture, batching and filling applications, and a full suite of truck scale applications. It also comes housed in a stainless steel enclosure suitable for washdown.

The E1110 pairs high quality with convenience while offering a lower price than the competition, thereby representing superb value in configurable weighing instrumentation and control technology. In conjunction with the XR Series Remote Display, which features intuitive Auto-Learn Technology, the E1110 makes Ray’s Auto Salvage’s weighing operation easier and more efficient, with high reliability and accuracy.

“It’s a simple, out-of-the-box solution, yet it’s robust to offer advanced features,” Santarpio said.

The E1110 also makes the weighing process more efficient. The indicator displays dynamic status information throughout the weighing operation and is programmable for a specific target count and high/low limits. For Laura Yesul and others at Ray’s Auto Salvage, this means more time to focus on customers—and the busy environment they create.

“Avery Weigh-Tronix’s models are up-to-date and easy to run,” Yesul said. “And they’re really maintenance-free. With tractor trailers in and out of here all the time, it’s still as accurate as can be.”


Evolution E1110 Indicator

  • Built-in applications – localized process control achieved with 3 relay outputs and 3 logic level inputs
  • Out-of-box functionality—no custom software necessary
  • No modifications required for use—dual RS232 serial ports allow for easy connection to laptops, printers and remote displays; Ethernet port directly connects to a network or Avery Weigh-Tronix e-tools configured software
  • Cost-effective solution—prices lower than the competition
  • Wide range of industrial applications—can be used for simple gross weiging, checkweighing, counting, in-motion weighing, peak weight capture, batching and filling, and a full suite of truck scale applications