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Driver operation increases throughput


Published: 07/14/2011

by Avery Weigh-Tronix


Driver-operated weighbridges have increased efficiency at Singleton Birch, the UK’s largest independent lime producer.

The Melton Ross site has its manufacturing and extraction facilities on either side of a road. The only truck scaleavailable was at the processing site and required a full time operator to weigh out bulk and bagged lime as well as all of the quarry traffic.

Lorries from the extraction site had to cross the road before and after loading to be weighed, a laborious and sometimes inefficient system, as overweight vehicles would need to return to the ‘bridge before leaving the site with a safe and legal load.

The company installed a new Sales Order Processing (SOP) system and decided to upgrade its weighing capability.

It purchased two driver-operated BridgeMont weighbridges for the quarry traffic and bespoke software to interface with the new system.

The SOP system exports job schedules to the weighbridge software. The ‘in’ bridge takes the vehicle’s tare weight and a cab-height driver console captures the vehicle registration and instructs the driver on what material to load.

On leaving the site, the ‘out’ bridge calculates the net weight and, if the vehicle is within its legal weight limit, it issues a ticket for the customer’s and driver’s records. The weighbridge software collates this information and exports it back to the SOP system, which produces an invoice.

  • Traffic flow streamlined – easing vehicle congestion for faster throughput.
  • Driver operation - reduces costs of staffing the ‘bridge 24 hours a day.
  • Simple vehicle identification by card reader or keypad
  • Simple vehicle identification by card reader or keypad entry - ensures that data is recorded accurately.
  • Driver is guided through the loading process – assisting correct order fulfillment.
  • Only correctly loaded vehicles can leave the site – assisting vehicle safety and avoiding fines.


Driver-Operated BridgeMont Weighbridge

  • Based on Weigh Bar ® technology that is ten times more reliable than conventional load cells.
  • Modular box construction provides a lighter weight, stronger deck.
  • Full width, 3.35m deck to aid safe access to the cab.
  • Simple-to-use driver console with a backlit display and integral light for clear operator prompts and information, even at night.
  • Mounted at cab height for easy operation – without leaving the safety of the vehicle.